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HIBEGONE™ SHOT: Reduce Cannabis Effects Naturally

HIBEGONE™ SHOT: Reduce Cannabis Effects Naturally

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Shake it, Take it, and Say Goodbye to the High with HIBEGONE!

With HIBEGONE you can finally Sip the High Goodbye! Whether you're a new consumer or seasoned veteran, HIBEGONE gives you full control over your cannabis experience. We've always been able to decide when we get high, but there's never been a fast, easy solution to help us come down. Enter HIBEGONE. With this powerful shot you can seamlessly switch between head in the clouds to feet on the ground in as little as 15 minutes. Our patent pending formula uses three key ingredients to help improve focus, clear the brain fog, beat back the munchies, and boost your energy level. So whether you want just a few moments of cannabliss without the lingering effects or need to come down from an unmanageable high, HIBEGONE is there to help you come down wherever and whenever you want.

*Results may vary from person to person. HIBEGONE may cause you to fail a drug test*
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