• Can help increase focus
  • Can help reduce appetite
  • CB1 inverse agonist
  • Can help reduce anxiety

Lab studies have revealed that this CB1 antagonist can interrupt and block the connection of THC, reversing its effects. Further evidence show that THCV can act as an appetite suppressant and metabolic stimulant.

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  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Helps reduce stress

A clinically studied, non-protein amino acid that has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

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  • Can help improve focus
  • Can help improve memory

Mechanistic evidence suggests that this increases the creation and release of acetylcholine in the brain which can improve focus and cognitive function.

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Nano-emulsification Process

Our nano-emulsification works using a dual-encapsulation process. This process reduces the molecular size of our formula and increases the rate of absorption. By doing this HIBEGONE begins to absorb in the mouth and esophagus diverting the stomach.

HIBEGONE Explained